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Hans Cohnen 1905-1975

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Brake lines are safety parts of the vehicle. That is why for original COHLINE brake lines the highest quality requirements of material and workmanship are a must.

COHLINE is certified according to ISO TS 16949 and DIN EN ISO 14001. You, as our clients, can count on us, that we develop and produce our products according to an internationally acknowledged quality and environmental management system.


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COHLINE brake tube (type 1035) is double-walled from a single flat strip with inside and outside copper coating. it has an additional outside zinc-plating of 25 Ám plus a plastic coating.

In the salt spray test according to SS DIN 50021 the corrosion protection is 600 hours for type 1035.

COHLINE brake line quality expresses itself through pressure stability as well as precision measurements  and fulfills the requirements for DIN 74233 and 74234. The installation of a brake line must be free of tension.

The brake lines are manufactured to the high quality regulations of the German Automotive industry.

Brake line set, type 9935 (packed on tagboards in transparent poly bags), are available on inquiry. We will gladly send you the corresponding catalogue and price lists on request.

Our Fittings type 93xx are zinc galvanized, Cr6 free passivated silver transparent, concurring to EU recommendation 2000/53/EC and 2002/95/EC and have a long continuous durability.

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